Houston Man Found Murdered

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On Saturday April 4th, 2015, a man was found dead in his home at approximately 10 AM. The death occurred in Northwest Houston in the 600 of Granville. At this point, police are saying that murder was the cause of death.

 A Man Finds His Brother Dead

 The deceased man’s brother found 56-year-old Zelven Demetress Green lying unresponsive on his living room floor Saturday morning. The brother quickly called the police, who arrived at the scene shortly, along with paramedics. Witnesses in the neighborhood say that Green’s brother was heard screaming the words, “My brother!” from inside the home. The victim’s brother then exited the home, clearly distressed and yelling that his brother was dead.

Cause of Death

Green had “unknown type wounds,” according to reports, including severe trauma to the head. Green’s brother was taken away from the scene in handcuffs, although police have stated that he is not a suspect in the case – the police were quick to tell reporters that anytime a person rides within a police cruiser, handcuffs are part of the protocol. Currently, no suspects have been apprehended, and the family continues to search for answers. However, some accounts suggest that one other person (in addition to Green’s brother) was taken into the station for questioning.

Family and Community Search for Answers

Manuel Nunez, Green’s neighbor and friend, said that Green was a good neighbor, and “a real nice guy.” His murder has shocked both his family and his community, and with no suspects, Green’s loved ones are in shock. Police say that while Green suffered blunt trauma to the head, there appears to be no signs of forced entry into his home, nor any signs of a struggle. The police have also not found anything to be missing from the home. The lack of struggle or stolen items adds to the mystery of the case.

Penalties for Murder in Houston

 Assuming that a suspect is apprehended, charged, and convicted, the penalties for murder in Texas are harsh. In fact, Texas executes more convicted murderers every year than does any other state. Read more about typical murder charges and penalties, definitions of murder under Texas law, and how to build a defense on our website.

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