Joshua Hill is more than an experienced criminal defense attorney. He is a fighter with superior legal abilities. He has a thorough understanding of the law, extensive experience in criminal defense, and skills to provide the best defense possible for his clients.

A thorough investigation is key to a solid defense, and Joshua is a thorough investigator. He analyzes every case because he understands that every client and every case are unique. Using his knowledge and experience, he prepares the strongest defense for his clients. He conducts in-depth examinations of all the evidence prosecutors intend to present during your trial and speaks with all subpoenaed witnesses who will testify in court. He diligently questions other potential witnesses that may testify on your behalf. His investigations do not end until he is confident he has uncovered all evidence on your behalf.

If you want a problem solver, Joshua evaluates every case in its entirety. His insights allow him to develop solutions designed to achieve the most positive outcome possible.

Joshua Hill is one of the foremost Criminal Attorneys in Texas. He received the distinguished honor of Board Certification in Criminal Law. He has demonstrated his mastery of criminal law through his skillful participation in pre-requisite felony and misdemeanor jury trials and appeals.

Numerous legal professionals and adjudicators affirm his comprehensive knowledge, training, and experience. His professional certifications and specializations are a testament to his hard work in providing the best quality defense services to his clients.

Trial Experience

Joshua spent 8 ½ years with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office as an intern and as a prosecutor assigned to multiple areas, including the misdemeanor division, the felony trial bureau, and the post-conviction writs division. During this time, he gained invaluable knowledge and experience as a prosecutor and trial lawyer.

He acquired insight into how a prosecutor investigates, builds, and tries a case against an accused citizen. He possesses the precise tools needed to deconstruct the government’s case and provide the best defensive strategy for his clients.

Over the years, Joshua has tried a number of misdemeanor and felony cases, ranging from marijuana possession and DWI to aggravated robbery and murder. He has also successfully handled numerous post-conviction matters such as motions for new trial, direct appeals, writs of habeas corpus, non-disclosures, and expunctions.

Joshua cares about each and every client. He will make time to talk honestly with you and your family, and his background demonstrates a genuine dedication to every client. Let Joshua Hill be your legal champion.

Joshua Hill Personally

Not merely a formidable adversary in the courtroom, Joshua has also competed in multiple combat sports over the years. He earned his second-degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Rilion Gracie as well as participating in wrestling and boxing as a college student. Before beginning his career as a criminal defense attorney, Joshua owned a mixed martial arts gym where he also served as a coach. Whether fighting in or out of the courtroom, Joshua always fights his hardest for his clients.

Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer



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The Hill Law Firm

If you are accused, and subsequently charged with a crime, you will need the powerful resources of a steadfast legal team. The attorneys of the Hill Law Firm prepare each defense in a manner that is most effective for their client’s individual circumstances. The Hill Law Firm handles cases in state and federal courts, ranging from drug possession to capital murder. We have three criminal defense lawyers in Houston who are well equipped to handle any of the cases that come their way. If you are accused and subsequently arrested for any criminal offense, call the Hill LawFirm to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

The criminal lawyers of the Hill Law Firm have over 50 years of combined experience in criminal defense. Our joint experiences as former prosecutors for the Harris County District Attorneys Office enhance our proficient and effective defense of clients like you.

Our criminal defense attorneys realize there are serious consequences associated with criminal cases. They understand your life, happiness, and freedom are in jeopardy. They understand the confusion and fear you feel. They know the overwhelming stress you and your family face.

The Hill Law Firm respects and values the rights of every accused person. They will work tirelessly to ensure you receive the consideration and attention you deserve and will not treat you as just another criminal case.

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